ОАО "Тверьстекло"

JSC "Tversteklo" expresses you its respect  and  serious interest in establishment of partnership with your company in promotion of production of company "Tversteklo" on the market of the U.S. 

JSC "Tversteklo" is one of the largest Russian company of full cycle of  production of chandelier (own glassmaking, diamond cutting of  crystal, moulding of nonferrous metals).

Company "Tversteklo" offers more then 500 models of luminaires as classic forms so modern style directions.

Semicentennial experience of work allows the company to make, not only the most diffucult  projects of illumination of state level but the most courageous  original design projects of private interiors.

Production of the company is limited, sometimes it makes only on single thing and  works with glass and metal are made by masters in manual way.

Mobile production jointly with you allows to work out model range of luminaries, which answers requiriments of market of the U.S. and international standarts.

More information about company "Tversteklo" you can find on the websites: www.tversteklo.com, www.tversteklo.ru  and in attached files.





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