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Skolkovo Innovation Center

The strategic goal of the Skolkovo Innovation Center is to concentrate international intellectual capital, thereby stimulating the development of break-through projects and technologies. In the course of implementation of the project, companies that are engaged in innovative development are discovered. After a selection process, some of these become project participants of the centre. They are provided with all assistance necessary for development. The Skolkovo Foundation and its partners transform the infrastructure, resources and other possibilities of the centre, into effective services for companies that are project participants.

Within the Skolkovo project, five clusters are created, each one developing innovative projects. These are the information, biomedical, energy efficiency, nuclear and space technologies clusters.
The main task of Technopark of the Skolkovo project is to provide assistance to innovative companies that are project participants. This is the tool which - with the help of resources of Skolkovo, scientific and educational institutions, as well as international technoparks and innovation centres - can be used by companies.
Skolkovo Open University - a university open to the future.
SOU Mission - to develop students' imagination and creativity, showing the diversity of current world views and types of thinking. World-leading researchers and practitioners allow the SOU to look beyond technological frontiers, helping it to ask the most important questions, to which there are no answers for the time being.
SOU is a part of the ecosystem of Skolkovo Innovation Centre. It is a source of prospective applicants (Masters and PhD) for the future Skolkovo University, a source of interns for Skolkovo partner companies, a source of projects for business incubators. SOU is not an educational institution, it does not award diplomas upon completion of education, nor is not tied to any particular location.
SOU is a series of lectures, master classes, and educational courses by leading thinkers, scientists and practitioners. It is a supported and moderated network of self-education, internship training and seasonal schools, including those at partner companies and in the world's leading higher educational establishments.
SOU educational programme develops leading-edge knowledge in the priority research and development areas of Skolkovo (energetics, biomedicine, space, informational technologies, nuclear technologies), academic and innovative competencies (foresight, forecasting, thinking, projecting), entrepreneur competence, experience in team work on projecting and solving inter-disciplinary problems.
Skolkovo Open University started its work on April 21, 2011.
The first attendees of Skolkovo Open University were 105 students, graduate students and young scientists, picked out of 500 finalists from six partner higher educational institutions of Skolkovo in Moscow (HSE, MISIS, MIPT, MEPhI, MSU, MSTU).

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