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Trans Siberian by "Imperial Russia" train (Moscow-Beijing)

Russia is a mysterious country and many tried to understand it but even Lev Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoyevsky wrote about the Russian restless soul torn between oriental traditions and western civilization. To understand Russia one should get on a train and cross it from the East to the West. For this purpose the Trans-Siberian Railway will be perfect — the most famous railway in the world — the path to the heart of Russia.

Thousands of kilometers from the shores of the Pacific Ocean to the Baltic Sea — you will hear the beating of the iron heart, what it is silent about, what it is inspired by. Just trust the road and the country will reveal its unexpected sides.

You will see Russia in all its historical greatness, in the mixture of cultures and fortunes, in the architectural splendor and extravagance unifying different people and religions.

You will start your journey in Beijing. Visiting Tiananmen Square — this area can fit about a million people, this is the world’s largest urban area, where the National Museum of China; the House of People’s Meetings, the majestic Monument to the People’s Heroes and the Forbidden City will be followed by dinner in a traditional restaurant.

Next stop is the exotic Asia: Mongolia — Ulan Bator. From the East — the sun rises and moves back to the West.

Ulan-Ude — another Russian city on this journey but people living there have different faces, religion, traditions and cuisine. They are native Siberians (Buryats).

Lake Baikal is one of the major highlights of the trip. In local legends it calls the sacred sea. It is located in the center of the Asia on the border of Irkutsk Oblast and Republic of Buryatia. It’s the deepest lake on the planet and the largest natural reservoir of fresh water.

Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg — each city conceals many secrets. It was here where the history of Russian State was made, history full of contradictions. The journey continues and next stop is Kazan — the capital of the medieval Khanate of Kazan, the place which connected Christianity and Islam.

The last stop of your journey is the ancient and mysterious Moscovia. Visit to the Moscow Kremlin which is a symbol of the Russian State, one of the greatest architectural complexes in the world, a treasure house of magnificent relics and monuments of art, walk along the Arbat Street, visit to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior will make this stop unforgettable.

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